Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tashya's Ink

After winning the first Mystarz LG reality show, Tashya Basir formed a 4 peice band Tashya's Ink where "we have side partings, curly hairs and no age limit" she claimed. It started with a plan to have a backing band. Initially, the band was set up with the help of veteran Nakim on bass and soon a reliable guitarist and a level headed, well not so level headed drummer joined the duo. After a long journey of frustration and disappointment they came upon Ayub a reliable drummer and they have not looked back since.

Songs are from the elements of blues, a lil bit of brit pop, a tad of rock & roll and acoustic. "It’s a mixture of many things and if were food, we’d be called lasagna".

Tashya’s Ink has just finish their 3 track single CD + you'd be able to purchase them from our next installment of ARTrage Lab @ Soho KL, 14 + 15 March 2009 ya'll!

We're happy to see Tashya's Ink being featured in Issue 12 of Time Out Kuala Lumpur and that she'll be performing at Time Out KL's On the Up this March 18 at No Black Tie.

Check out their jam session of 'Mana Hilang'



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