Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Creative Mafia @ YOUTH '09: Lets Pimp the Ride, y'all!

Hear ye! Hear ye!

Calling all graphic designers. Come one, come all.

Suzuki Malaysia will be sponsoring 2 Suzuki Swift Sports for the up coming Creative Mafia @ YOUTH '09 this 9 - 11 January 2009 y'all!

w00t! w00t!

With the two brand spanking new toys, we thought of turning it into a canvas and letting two best car decal designs to be exhibited on them.

What are decals, some of you reading may ask? For more information, please visit our sister blog:

Suzuki Malaysia will be sponsoring the cars in the two colours pearl white and azure grey metallic. You are to submit your design proposal, stating your car colour choice to Do submit your proposal by Monday, 29 December 2008, peeps!

So, what are you folks waiting for?! Go get cracking, lets pimp the ride!

"Suzuki Swift Sport: Better than a Mini, so just pretend it's British" - Jeremy Clarkson

Monday, December 15, 2008

French For Incredible

Founded by two friends who love art,and French For Incredible is their brainchild. They are a label that translates their passion for lines and shapes, colors and imaginations, into everyday t-shirts, stretched canvas, posters, prints and various other knick knacks.

They come either printed, stenciled, or painted. Who wears their stuff? People who loves supersoft t-shirts, v-necks, cool colors, and most importantly, woozy illustrations + graphics. They produce paintings that always come in a pair (2 designs) or sidekicks (3 designs), with solo paintings once in a blue moon. They differ in shapes (small, medium, large) and each is individually different. ‘accidental art’ is their claim to fame – smudges and streaks are part of the art and not something you abhor – perfection isn’t the point with them.

To support them go to

Mrika Hajeedar: Young mom who paints


What triggered me to start painting: Being a full-time stay-home mom, it does get a tad bit tiring. To keep things sane and happy, I chose to do something more for myself whenever I had that bit more of a 'free time'. I dabble around with designing and making cards, painting and just creating patterns on the laptop. These to me are my creative outlet, if you like, and my time to unwind. Often though, you'll find me just doodling away on scraps of papers; doodles which supposedly will evolve into some bigger, more permanent piece(s) of art.

My art background: One of my fondest childhood memories is of my dad bringing us out for Sunday lunch and then to the National Art Gallery or some other art exhibition venue. It was almost a weekly routine so much so that it bore us kids a bit at some point, I'm sure. But knowing my dad himself had his paintings displayed at the National Art Gallery inspired me to keep my eyes open and enjoy the visits we made. Over the years, the gentle exposure and encouragement to appreciate art from both my parents fostered the strong interest I have today. And for that, I am truly grateful to be born into an art-loving family.

With an initial plan to go into architecture school, I took up Art as a subject for both the GCSEs and the A-Levels. My art tutor was great and he inspired and encouraged me further to pursue art. Just generally, in life. I remember him saying how I may not end up doing what I originially set myself to do (ie: to be an architect), but I will definitely do something creative and most likely working on smaller more intricate pieces with an eye on pattern work. He couldn't have been more spot-on!

When I got pregnant with my 1st child, the desire to paint came about again, after a long break from paints, brushes and canvas and/or paper. I started painting postcard-sized patterns. It was nice just playing and experimenting with colours an brush strokes.

Today, I'm mostly inspired to create art pieces to grace a child's bedroom or playroom, or to welcome in a new baby in his/her nursery.

If I were to desribe my (painting and design)work in 3 words, it'll be spontaneous, colourful and unfussy.

You can view Mrika's work and her inspirations @

Her mood swings collection will be available for sale at ARTrage Lab @ Soho KL this weekend!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

ARTrage Lab @ Soho KL Poster Series 1

Oy oy oy!

Your salary will be out, there's Christmas shopping to be done ... I say make a date with us this coming 29 - 30 November weekend. y'all!!!

No excuse!!! The basement parking is only RM 1, roadside parking is free, but if the guards go chasing you away, don't blame us wehhh!!! ATM machines are within walking distance. Lai lai lai ...

p.s. 'brit invASIAN' may not mean the British invading ...

A production of Bijou Bazaar for Soho KL, in collaboration with Doppelganger + The KraftStore + Malaysian Yo-yo Club.

ARTrage Lab @ Soho KL: brit invASIAN
Date | 29 - 30 November 2008 (weekend)
Venue | Soho KL, Solaris Mont'Kiara
Operating Hours | 2:08 p.m. - 9:08 p.m.


UPDATE: 21.11.2008

Ammar of Don't Panic just rang. They are giving away goodies bags that weekend, in hundreds!!! We LOVE you, Don't Panic!!!! :o)


DOPPELGANGER - Hey there people! Yeah, come by to Indie Scene Cafe and support the indie scenesters. buy CDs, tees, pendants, etc. You can test your skills too! Ok, Guitar Hero World Tour freaks, come challenge us at the Doppelganger Open Mic Guitar Hero!!! That's rite! If you've not gotten your new set, come get your set here from us. And we'll throw in a free gift! Info: Jaz 017.623.0288 / Mel 017.200.8631


Saturday | 29 November 2008

14:08 - 14:25 - Trunk Show by Button My Buttons

Sunday | 30 November 2008

+++ LINE UP (Show Time + Date TBC)

+ Yo-yo Demonstration by M-Yo Club
+ Senoritas -
+ Luscious -
+ Infinatez -
+ Imran Ajmain *Special Appearance* -
+ The Dogen -
+ Ana Raffali -
+ Cloud Burst -
+ Violet
+ Ain Zulkifly


// Bibo Aswan - a series called 'brit invASIAN' fashion & his other fashion photography exhibition
// Rizal Caricature - live caricature
// Jazmi Izwan Jamal - interactive immersion project: sQuare (an interactive installation that give the users a chance to immerge with virtual environment. The project aims to create work of art with an artificial system that utilizes the user's body gestures and movements)


//The Indie Scene Cafe by Doppelganger -

//Joujou + Shugi, a toys + collectibles market by The KraftStore -

+ D.U.R.A. -
+ E-Toyz -
+ Linus Lai
+ Ka Kin
+ Keith
+ JayLim Design -
+ Batik Craft
+ Sticky Fingers

//a wee bit of 'Bijou Bazaar' fashion + craft bazaar -

+ KL Agent -
+ Raman Bah Tuin - Orang Asli Crafts
+ Tangga Group -
+ FeedMyLamb! -
+ Mimpi by Murni -
+ Soak Republic -
+ Nikotina Collectibles -
+ Visual Disturbance -
+ Button My Buttons -
+ Black Sheep Clothing -
+ My Favouritees -
+ Petite Maniac -

we update frequently so check back often @ Facebook event page: