Monday, December 15, 2008

French For Incredible

Founded by two friends who love art,and French For Incredible is their brainchild. They are a label that translates their passion for lines and shapes, colors and imaginations, into everyday t-shirts, stretched canvas, posters, prints and various other knick knacks.

They come either printed, stenciled, or painted. Who wears their stuff? People who loves supersoft t-shirts, v-necks, cool colors, and most importantly, woozy illustrations + graphics. They produce paintings that always come in a pair (2 designs) or sidekicks (3 designs), with solo paintings once in a blue moon. They differ in shapes (small, medium, large) and each is individually different. ‘accidental art’ is their claim to fame – smudges and streaks are part of the art and not something you abhor – perfection isn’t the point with them.

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